About CPEU.org

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About CPEU.org


CPEU.org was founded by Allison Vinyard, MS, RD in San Francisco, California. With over a decade of experience, she saw the need for a better way to find and keep track of CPEUs. Our focus at CPEU.org is to serve Registered Dietitians by streamlining the CPEU process.

The process for finding, keeping track of, and recording CPEUs can be daunting, disorganized, time-consuming, and inefficient. At CPEU.org we wanted to solve this problem and make a space where the process is simple, neat, organized, and fast. We saw a need for there to be an easy-to-navigate database of all the CPEU opportunities. This way, RDs and DTRs can filter and find only the CPEUs that apply to them, therefore making the wisest choices not only for their career growth, but for their personal budgets too. Don’t waste time searching all over the place, use us to go right where you need, and start learning! CPEU.org not only gives RDs and DTRs a more efficient way to find just the right CPEUs, it gives them an organized system of keeping track of, and recording them.

“A good system shortens the road to the goal.”- Orison S. Marden

All together, CPEU.org is the system that enables RDs and DTRs to more easily reach their career goals which not only benefits them, but also those in their sphere of influence.

At CPEU.org, we believe that when we have the fastest and easiest access to the information we want to learn, we not only enjoy learning more, we flourish.