The fastest and easiest way for RDs to find CPEUs.

Effortlessly filter all CDR accredited Continuing Professional Education Units that match your Professional Development Portfolio and your budget.

An email notification pops up on your device. It’s a reminder from CDR...

Many of us RDs and DTRs have experienced it. That nudge inside that you need to work on your CPEUs before it becomes last minute.

Your brain quickly files through all the different website possibilities, all the mail fliers...and wasn’t there an email or something last week that offered CPEUs?

You push it to the back burner for now. You’ll get to it later when you have a lot more time.

What if every CPEU opportunity was in one neat and organized spot? A place you can come back to at your convenience and know that you can instantly get access to any and all CPEUs that you want? How about finding exactly the ones that serve you best- those that fit your budget, match your PDP goals and are from your favorite providers, all in just a few clicks?

Find your CPEUs quickly.

Save time! This is your search engine for all CDR accredited CPEUs. You get an instant list and direct links to only those CPEU activities you want- your price range, your performance indicators, and more.

Effortlessly keep track of all your CPEUs.

Organization and more peace of mind! A one-stop place to always find your list of CPEUs that you’ve completed or have yet to complete.

Easily record your CPEUs into CDR.

A simple copy and paste into your PDP log and you’re done! We’ve made it easy for you.