Make a list of your top CPEU choices.

Easily bookmark CPEUs for future reference. Your list could include all CPEUs from a certain provider, within a certain price range, or every option on diabetes. Your list can be anything you want!

CPEU Bookmarks

Tired of not having a neat and organized location to list and keep track of all of your CPEUs? Would you like the peace of mind to have your CPEUs planned out on a list ahead of time?

Select what CPEUs you’d like to complete and add them to your Bookmarks. Choose to complete right away, or save them on your list to complete later. Do you like to plan ahead? Select the items you’d like to do, add it to your list, and come back to your list any time to complete! As long as the item has not expired, you can come back to it and complete later. In just minutes, you can have a CPEU to-do list all planned out and ready to go!

With a list made on your Bookmarks, you can relax and know that you have a plan for your CPEUs. Have the peace of mind that you know how many CPEUs you have completed, and what remains undone because you have a visual list as a reminder. Simply check a box when you’ve completed it and it will be added to your "completed" list where you will copy and paste the info into your activity log on the CDR website.