Quickly find the CPEUs that fit your PDP goals.

Filter your search for only CPEUs with your Competencies or Performance Indicators without wasting time filing through tons of possibilities.

Filter CPEUs

Have you ever wished there was a way to filter all CPEU opportunities out there by only selecting those pertinent to your Competencies or Performance Indicators on your Learning Plan?

With several different filters to narrow your search, find just the right CPEUs that you need to fulfill your PDP goals. Simply select the competencies or performance indicators that you want, and out comes a list of all of your options!

That’s not all! Filter by keyword, number of credits provided, price, and more. Not only will you find specifically what you would like to learn that fits your PDP, but also what options are within your budget, or the number of credits you would like.

Are you a manager, director, or professor who wants to save precious time and energy?

You can now easily and quickly find the perfect webinar or content to share with your staff, students, or interns at your next team meeting or class without wasting time and energy searching the whole internet. Set your filters to what you’d like, or do a keyword search, and you are given the perfect options to choose from for your team or students. Easy peasy!

Switching your area of practice in dietetics?

This is a fast and easy way to find tons of credible info and learn new information about your new area of the field, or brush up on things that are just a bit rusty.