Easy Transfer

Record CPEUs into your CDR account effortlessly!

Easy CDR PDP Recording

Are you frustrated with an inefficient, unorganized way of remembering to record your CPEUs into CDR and storing your completion certificates? Did you know that it is a requirement to keep your CPEU certificates of completion for 2 years after your 5 year cycle ends, in case of an audit? That's up to 7 years that you need to store them safely!

On CPEU.org, you will be given an organized list of your completed CPEUs with the info you need to record it straight into your log on the CDR website. You could record it straight into your log right away, or just wait until it's convenient for you. You will have everything in one stored place on CPEU.org so that you don’t forget that you have completed something. When you're ready to put it on your log, a simple copy and paste and it's done! CPEU.org also gives you a spot to upload your completion certificates with your completed CPEU list so that the certificates are stored safely and not misplaced. We want the whole process to be much simpler, more organized, and faster for you, from start to finish!